Dry Harbor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Enhances State of the Art Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program

As the number of baby boomers entering into their twilight years continues to rise, the need for high-quality nursing home and rehabilitative care is also increasing. One local facility meeting that need is the Dry Harbor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Conveniently located in Middle Village, the center is an award winning facility of which community members should be aware.

Dry Harbor has been in operation for more than thirty years, providing both short and long-term care to seniors and others in need of round-the-clock care outside of the intense environment of a hospital. The facility is divided into major departments including Rehabilitation, Nursing Care, Medical, Social Services, and Nutrition; all of these departments work together to provide comprehensive and individualized care for each of their residents.

Crucial to receiving the best care possible is the delivery of continuity of care, something that in this day and age is sometimes forsaken in favor of cost savings. Dry Harbor believes that, especially for the unique population seeking their services, continuity of care is critical to attaining positive outcomes for its patients.

Consistent with Dry Harbor’s dedication to providing the best care possible to its residents, the facility has recently upgraded its Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program to a state-of-the-art full-service department. They added a group of specialists on a full-time basis, including a Cardiologist, a Pulmonologist, and a specialist in Infectious Disease. This team of doctors are all under the supervision of Dry Harbor’s Medical Director, Vincent Rappa, MD, who, together with the Chief Cardiologist, is dedicated to creating an excellent Cardio-Pulmonary program at Dry Harbor.

As Dr. Rappa said about the latest advances in the cardio-pulmonary program at Dry Harbor, “I am very excited not only about the improved care Dry Harbor will provide for its cardio-pulmonary patients, but also for the new reality in which we can achieve optimum goals for all our patients.”

Prior to this upgrade, Dry Harbor had already established success with its cardio-pulmonary program, reducing the number of hospital re-admissions among the participants in the program. Since the program functions as a team, it is easier to evaluate each patient’s specific needs. As a patient is admitted, Dry Harbor’s medical staff conducts a complete review of what medications are being taken, keeping an eye open to possible drug interactions that could be causing problems for the patient. In addition, the facility is able to offer a full program of IV therapies which can make a huge difference in the residents’ quality of life and ability to stay in the facility rather than returning to the hospital for frequent procedures.

Patients Nancy F. and Carole M. explain how they feel about Dry Harbor:  “Your concern for your patients is your number one priority. A high recommendation is in order for Dry Harbor.  We have visited other facilities in past years with friends and family, and none of them compare to your facility.  Seeing is believing.”

Dry Harbor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is located at 61-35 Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village and can be reached at 718-565-4200.

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