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The Middle Village Blog is operated by BQE Media & Publishing. Our dozen staff writers and contributors support the blog with news and information which news consumers need to know about your neighborhood. Our aim is to post in three categories; report the news of the neighborhood, deliver opinions about happenings here and report important events before they happen to urge residents to become involved in the community. Each blog is hyper-local in nature and contributors to this blog might not necessarily be members of our staff. We find passionate community leaders who contribute to their neighborhood blog. We have dozens of blogs throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

At BQE Media & Publishing, we cover and deliver the most hyper-local news of various neighborhoods in Brooklyn & Queens with legacy print platforms as well as social and digital news products.

We produce a chain of EIGHT separate and distinct weekly community NEWSPAPERS, related newspaper (user generated focused) WEB SITES on the web and with linked mobile editions, a daily EMAILED news summary at 8am, dozens of hyper-local neighborhood BLOGS as well as dozens of community SMS NEWS ALERT SYSTEMS and SOCIAL NEWS FEEDS to meet the needs of every type of news consumer and client advertiser. Each platform has readers and followers to make up an engaged readership with distinct needs.

We focus on delivering the news in different ways depending upon the platform. Our newspaper websites are so popular and powerful that we leverage the large visitor base and reliability of information on our sites to offer top notch SEO for our business clients via a marketplace on our sites for which we guarantee the first, second or third business listing of organic Google search results for key phrases consumers would use to find client’s services. We find that there is great branding for the client’s business by being #1 on google for simple phrases. Please google “Security Guards Queens” or “School Shoes Queens” to see just a few of our clients. When consumers question our client’s business they typically answer with a phrase like, “We are so good and so popular that we are #1 or #2 on google organic search results….. trust us now?”

For clients who can’t afford our SEO marketplace we have a marketplace which is more hyper-local in nature. At a price of $10 to $25 per month they get their own business landing page on “QueensBusinessNews.com” and have ads on one of our hyper-local blogs which link to their landing page. See “Foresthillsgardensblog.com” or Glendaleblog.org for examples of hyper-local businesses. These blogs get updated with only the most local news, opinions and events a few times a week. The followers of our NEIGHBORHOOD BLOGS are hyper-local news consumers who live in those neighborhoods who subscribe to updates on those blogs.

In all, we have more than 95,000 people who subscribe to at least one of our digital products.

Our daily emailed news is delivered to 8,000 people in Queens and 6,000 people in Brooklyn and is called Morning Buzz. One is from Brooklyn Daily Newsticker and one is Queens Daily Newsticker. The goal is to give people a 3-minute read of the top 20 news items of the day. The items are aggregated from national, city and local news sites with links to their site if the reader wants more. The motto is, “We’ll give you the top 20 stories of the day in 20 words or less so you will be a hero at the watercolor when you get to work.” The feed also includes entertainment quips, real estate reports and local important event of the day. We also sell only native advertising on the email and are moving towards having a sponsor of the email for the day. The Morning Buzz won the 2013 NYPA first place award for “Best Digital Campaign/Idea.”

Bottom line: “We’re not just newspapers anymore.” Our company goals are geared towards clients who trust us to deliver a complete marketing effort which is directed towards local digital and print news & information consumers. We have engagement with our subscribers, followers and friends who love that we deliver the news the way they want to consume it. The digital revolution has brought our newspaper to new heights of two-way communication with news consumers.

As for our newspapers and magazine, a number of our print products have been published weekly for more than a century without missing a week. The Queens Ledger has been published every Thursday since 1873. The Greenpoint Star was once a daily newspaper in the 1800s and The Leader Observer of Woodhaven has been delivered every Wednesday since 1909. We publish the Glendale Register, founded in 1935, the Long Island City/Astoria JOURNAL, The Queens Examiner, which is distributed in Eastern Queens, We also publishThe Forest Hills/Rego Park Times and The Brooklyn Downtown Star, covering areas from Brooklyn Heights all the way to Bushwick. In all, our weekly newspapers have a weekly newspaper readership of 150,000 and readership has held steady for over a decade. That’s stability that can’t be matched.

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  • July 27, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    Hi All! I did not know this blog existed but now that I do, here goes. About 18 months age, maybe longer, I lost my wedding morning during a walk through the juniper park. It’s white gold medium size with D+M 10.21.2017 engraved in the inside. If anyone ever came across it and knows its whereabouts that would mean the world


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