UPDATE: Coyote sighted in Juniper Park


Police have been on scene at Juniper Valley Park for the past couple hours trying to catch a coyote, the 104th precinct confirmed. The animal was first spotted in the backyard of an Elliot Ave. house this morning.

Louis Simonetti said he saw a coyote run across the park and onto 76th St. approximately an hour ago.

“They say he was dotted, but the way he was running, he didn’t look dotted,” he said.

Jordanys Gomez, who also saw the coyote this morning, said he saw what he believes could have been the same coyote last night in the backyard of his Penelope Ave. home around 8pm.

“I saw something strange running around the backyard,” he said. “Next thing I know something runs away. It looked exactly the same color as this one.”

Andrew Czyz, who was sitting with Gomez and Simonetti when the coyote ran past this morning, said it was “brown, about two feet long.”

Any other defining characteristics?

“He was wearing glasses, and he barked with an accent,” he added.



Police tweeted out a photo of the little guy hiding in some bushes:


Police have captured the little critter, who was found safe in a home on 77th Place in Middle Village.

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