New York Junior Tennis League to stay at Juniper


Thanks to funding from the City Council, the New York Junior Tennis League will continue to serve hundreds of youth across the city, including 5-to-18-year-olds at Juniper Valley Park.

The Council allocated $800,000 to allow the tennis program to continue for another season.

“The New York Junior Tennis League has made such an impression on kids from all over the district, ranging from young elementary schools to high school seniors. It’s important these and all kids have a chance to be active, learn new skills and be social in a productive setting,” Crowley said. “Not only do I want to ensure they are supported financially, but that they have people in the community who will always advocate on their behalf.”

The six-week session entails three practices a week, according to NYJTL Juniper Park Site Director Thomas O’Kelly. The sessions were often disrupted by other players on the reserved courts.

Crowley has requested NYC Parks to place a patrol officer at the court to ensure youth get their full practice.

“We have a strong program, and provide a ladder to success for youth to learn and grow as players and as people,” O’Kelly said. “It’s important they get the most out of this league.”

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