It’s official: Councilman Robert Holden takes office


Call him councilman.

Bob Holden was officially sworn in as councilman of the 30th District on Tuesday by city clerk Michael McSweeney.

His district office is located at 71-19 80th Street, Suite 8-303 in Glendale. It’s Liz Crowley’s old office at Atlas Park, which Holden has said he wants to move out of soon.

Their office phone number is 718-366-3900.

“I am humbled and honored to represent this district in the City Council,” Holden says. “I’ll be fighting for my constituents every day and I’ll take the fight to City Hall on their behalf.

Let the fighting begin!

City issues safety tips for extreme cold weather

It won't be snowing this week, but the temperatures will be cold enough for snow!

It won’t be snowing this week, but the temperatures will be cold enough for snow!

Bundle up, Middle Village, it’s getting frighteningly cold out there.

The city’s Emergency Management Department says New Yorkers should prepare for bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills this week. The National Weather Service says temperatures will average out to 19 degrees.

It will be especially frigid at nighttime, when it will drop to single digit wind chills.

Use caution when outdoors, and remember to check up on your neighbors, friends and relatives.

The city issued the following safety tips to get through this next week:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible
  • If you have to go outdoors, wear dry, warm clothing and cover exposed skin. Keep fingertips, earlobes and noses covered. Wear a hat, hood, scarf and gloves.
  • Shivering is the first sign that the body is losing heat. That’s a signal to return indoors.
  • If you work outdoors, your employer should implement safe work practices, like protective equipment.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. It causes your body to lose heat faster.

Remember, prolonged exposure to the cold can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and other medical conditions.

De Blasio to host town hall at PS/IS 113

IMG_1976 copy

You heard that right: the mayor is coming to town.

Mayor de Blasio and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley are hosting a town hall meeting for her district, which includes Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood.

At the town hall, residents can ask questions to the mayor. He typically starts off by listing some accomplishments, like universal pre-k.

But in this district, we know homelessness, shutting down Rikers Island and crime are issues he will address.

No matter what your opinion of him, it’ll be a sight to see.

RSVP by December 17 at 5 p.m. via email at or call 212-788-4282.

PS/IS 128 addition is on the way


Yesterday, elected officials joined the School Construction Authority to break ground on the PS/IS 128 addition. Yes, it’s finally underway!

The building will add 440 seats to the already overcrowded school. It will have 18 standard classrooms with a reading room, speech room, project room and exercise room.

It’s expected to open by September 2020.

City officials warn construction will be annoying and an inconvenience, but it will all be worth it when the new building opens!

Students share experiences with bullying at CEC24 meeting


This month’s Community Education Council (CEC) District 24 meeting was enlightening.

Hosted at PS/IS 49, the meeting focused on teen depression, suicide, bullying, unity and belonging – issues that every parent and student think about.

Students shared their experiences on teen depressing and bullying, what it was like to either go through it personally or have a friend who was contemplating suicide.

They spoke about what parents should look out for when teens are showing signs of depression.

They presented in front of a large crowd of administrators, elected officials, the Superintendent of District and even media, which deserves a round of applause and our heartfelt thanks.

CEC24 is also entering its Phase 2 of “Nominate An Outstanding Staff Member” and is still accepting nominations. Anyone who is a staff member in a District 24 school can be nominated.

Nominations close on December 15:

The next meeting is set for December 19. Look out for agenda details!