How to vote on the three NYC ballot proposals

DENVER, CO - October 13: Denver Election judges survey and check voting ballots filled out by members of the Logic and Accuracy Test Board during a test of the ballot system in the counting room at the Denver Elections headquarters October 13, 2016. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

After you vote in tomorrow’s general election, make sure you flip your ballot to vote on the three ballot proposals.

These proposals were the result of the mayor’s charter commission. His office wants New Yorkers to vote yes on all three.

But we disagree, and we will explain why below. Remember just how much de Blasio has worked against neighborhood voices here in Middle Village.

Now he wants to have even more power over communities with his second and third proposal. That’s why we say vote no on proposals 2 and 3.

Here’s what we recommend:

Ballot proposal #1: Campaign Finance Alterations
Why you should vote YES
By voting yes, and raising the amount of public matching funds for candidates, you are helping someone who is not financed by less than transparent, less than desirable interests run for office.

Ballot proposal #2: Civic Engagement Proposal
Why you should vote NO
Don’t let the mayor give his pals a bunch of vague titles on the appointed “civic engagement commission.” Instead, we should have more community participation instead of having the voices of the community ignored.

Ballot Proposal #3: Term limits on Community Boards
Why you should vote NO

If appointed community board members have to apply to the borough president, for renewal every two years, why would term limits make sense? Let’s not forget the importance of institutional memory on our community boards.

To read our full opinion, visit the Queens Ledger’s NYC Ballot Proposals Vote YES NO and NO piece.

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