Hip Hop pioneers promote healthy living at St. Margaret


Last Thursday, some of hip hop’s pioneers paid a visit to Saint Margaret Catholic Academy in Middle Village for a lesson on healthy living.

Hip Hop H.E.A.L.S. (Healthy Eating and Living in Schools) spent some time with students to promote healthy living. The organization’s Director of Hip Hop Educational Programming Easy A.D. Harris, a founding member of the legendary group Cold Crush Brothers, and Director of Music Production Artie Green encouraged children to become more aware of the lifestyle choices they could make.

Through fun, interactive hip hop songs, videos and games, Hip Hop H.E.A.L.S. promotes a healthy understanding of calories as food energy and encourages a balance between food consumption and physical activity.

Children learn how to apply their individual caloric requirement to food and exercise choices as well as navigate restaurant menu boards and utilize calorie postings to inform food choices.

Nearly one hundred kids participated in the program at St. Margaret’s gymnasium. They participated in quizzes, dances, earned prizes and sang along with Harris and Green for a fun-filled educational event.



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