In the Middle of Nowhere, In the Middle of Everything

From food to convenience spots, these 5 places in the heart of Queens make Middle Village great.



69-16 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 894-0485


Since 1964, Arby’s has redefined fast food through its signature roast beef sandwich, but also through their six principles that found the restaurants: Dream big, work hard, get it done, play fair, and make a difference.  Now, Arby’s carries those principles to the residents of the Middle Village/Metropolitan Avenue area. Arby’s continues the tradition of their signature roast beef as well as other new delicious meats/new foods to try. Arby’s: We Have the Meats!

Open Monday-Thursday 7AM-10PM

Friday and Saturday 7AM-11PM


Cypress Hills Taxidermy Studio

71-01 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 827-7758


Mr. John Youngaitis specializes in the art of taxidermy, posing dead animals in lifelike poses (how ironic).  The front room of his shop is decorated with a small display of stuffed species ranging from a century-old mountain goat to a little golden lion tamarin monkey. There is a Russian brown boar, a penguin, a black bear frozen in muted mid-roar.  These are just a few unique animals to show off his craft.  You’d be surprised how convenient it is for residents, considering it’s not the first                                                                                thing you look for but you know it’s there.


Quagliata Brothers Italian Deli

7512 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 326-0510


If you’re searching for Il cibo autentico d’Italia (the authentic food of Italy), Quagliata Brothers Italian Deli is your destination.  With your lunchtime and catering needs covered, Choose from their sandwich platters, buffet party heroes, pasta/pork/seafood/vegetable/beef/poultry/veal entrees. Quagliata’s variety is sure to be your go-to for Italian food right on Metropolitan Avenue that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy.

Open: Monday-Saturday 8AM-6PM

Sunday 8AM-4PM



Hot Bagels

7905 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 326-0510


“The BEST bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel. They even put a hash brown in it. Heaven.” –Vanessa Ficalora, Middle Village resident, lover of Hot Bagels.

Hot Bagels is for the early risers who need a big breakfast, or even those that just really want the best neighborhood bagel…I mean, HOT neighborhood bagel.  It’s conveniently located on Metropolitan Avenue to satisfy your on-the-go breakfast cravings. (I’m getting kind of hungry for a bagel talking about this right now.)

Open EVERY DAY (that’s a great thing) 5AM-4PM



7802 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 326-0254


The proof is in the pudding, DEALS is your one-stop shop for an eclectic mix of what you need at discount prices.  Searching for things at name brand stores can be a hassle when you’re on a budget, but DEALS allows you to splurge and get what you need (score!). They keep their shelves stocked with day with extreme values on cleaning supplies, health & beauty products, office supplies, school supplies, toys & crafts, teaching supplies, greeting cards, household supplies, home décor, floral supplies, and everything in between. Conveniently located on Metropolitan Avenue, you could easily walk to find something quick that you need or make a shopping trip out of it.

Open every day 8AM-9PM


by: Jennifer Luizzi Marketing/Editorial Intern

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