2 thoughts on “Another student

  • September 1, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    DixieConnie,I think that is what they want. This is one way in which they can control you and I. Yes, we wont have to worry. The goverment will take care of us, and..they will tell us where to work, how much we can earn, what kind of health care we can haveon and on. And you know what? A time is coming very soon where they will attempt to mark each of us with a micro-chip. This could happen soon, some want to do this (check out Revelation in the Bible also, chapter 16 I believe, chapters around this). You can research veri-Chip online. THis technology is real. I work in a technology related environment, and I can tell you that much is possible if we are to be marked with tiny micro-chips. Bad news, even if you dont want to believe as Christians do. It wont be good. And its real and possible.


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